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Renovent Excellent ventilation device

Renovent Excellent heat recovery device

Houses are becoming more and more airtight. That means damp air and airborne particles e.g. from furniture and textiles are no longer able to escape through joins or gaps. Ventilating manually by opening the windows is not an acceptable solution – that would simply allow the energy used in heating the interior to blow away wastefully. The consequence of inadequate ventilation is poor-quality air that can even lead to the formation of mould. A ventilation system maintains a constant supply of fresh, dry, clean air. This lastingly improves the quality of interior air and improves the health and well-being of the inhabitants.

Renovent Excellent advantages:
  • The Renovent Excellent heat exchanger brings an enormous energy saving particularly in highly insulated buildings;
  • The Renovent Excellent series includes the Renovent Excellent 400, 300 and 180;
  • During the heat recovery process, the stale air being expelled is led past the fresh air in the heat exchanger;
  • 95 % of the heat in the stale air is thus transferred to the fresh air;
  • The appliance's output can be adjusted in three settings to the fresh-air levels required, for example if there are a large number of guests in a house;
  • The measures for reducing the noise level also reduce the auxiliary energy consumption by some 40%;
  • On summer nights, a built-in or retrofittable bypass cassette merely filters the cooler outside air, without transferring its heat to the building's interior.

Renovent Excellent 180
Renovent Excellent 300
Renovent Excellent 400
Ventilation capacity at 150 Pa [m3/h]
max. 180
max. 300
max. 400
Total power input [W]
18 - 86
9 - 66,2
8,6 - 98
Rated power at 150 Pa [W]
46 at 125m3/val
40 at 210m3/val
64 at 280m3/val
Dimension duct connection [mm]
Height [mm]
Width [mm]
Depth [mm]
Weight [kg]
Heat recovery rate [%]
Constant Flow
Standard Bypass
(bypass functionality)
Standard preheater
Connection provisions for humidity sensor
Connection provisions for 2-zone demand flow
Connection for timer
Also available as PLUS version

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