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Renovent Sky ventilation device

Rekuperatorius Renovent HR, skirtas aktyviam patalpų vėdinimui, šilumos sugrąžinimui, energijos taupymui

Ventilation system Renovent Sky recovers up to 95% of heat from air.

Fan output: till 300 m3/h.

Renovent Sky - decentralized ventilation system with heat recovery. Usually it's installed in the living room, directly on the inside side of outside wall. Air from outside is taken directly through the wall, passes through a high-efficiency heat exchanger and gets to the room.

Renovent Sky silent and energy saving ventilation device can be used for apartment or house accommodations. Sometimes system is used as a part of combined solution.

Ventilation device is used where is big importance of fresh air supply without draft.

Renovent Advance advantages:

  • Renovent Sky - ceiling-mounted heat recovery device. The Brink control module with time switch function is a standard feature;
  • Sensor automatic control;
  • Ensures fresh air;
  • Comfort without the drafts;
  • Simple installation, minimal modification of the building structures required;
  • Air ventilation at nights;
  • Silent;
  • Reduced auxiliary energy consumption;
  • Intelligent frost protection.

Renovent Sky 150
Renovent Sky 300
Ventilation capacity at 150 Pa [m3/h]
max. 150
max. 300
Total power input [W]
8,7 - 77,8
11 - 72
Rated power at 150 Pa [W]
51 at 210m3/h
Dimension duct connection [mm]
Height [mm]
Width [mm]
Depth [mm]
Weight [kg]
Heat recovery rate [%]
Constant Flow
Standard Bypass
Built-in preheater
Connection provisions for external preheater
Connection provisions for humidity sensor
Version PLUS

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