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Chimney system without vent., ∅200
KONEKT chimney system without vent.MK KOLEKT chimney system without vent.
KONEKT chimney system without vent.
MK KOLEKT pilnos komplektacijos kaminas su papildomais priedais
Sales price: 368,00 €
Sales price without tax: 304,13 €
Tax amount: 63,87 €
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Chimney system parts

To the standard price included:

Expanded clay chimney blocks

1x Condensation Container

1x Ceramic Cleanout

1x Ceramic Tee { 45 or 90 degrees }


Ceramic Liners

Glues for ceramic elements

Mineral wool

1x Cleanout Doors

1x Vent. grills

Standard chimney system MK KOLEKT set can be changed by individual order.

Optional elements

Chimney ending 1 (Stainless steel)

Chimney ending 2 (Stainless steel)

Chimney ending 3 (Concrete top plate)

Ceramic cleanout cover

Connection tee mineral wool plate

Connection adapter



*Accossories which is included when buying chimney system with chimney ending pack

Documents given with chimney system:
  • Declaration of performance;
  • Warranty Certificate;
  • Chimney System Installation Guide.

  • Description

    MK KOLEKT - is the chimney that meets all the requirements of modern chimney systems:

  • Fast, good traction;
  • Resistant to acids;
  • Resistant to high temperature exposure.
  • Chimney system MK KOLEKT is used for boilers, which use different fuels (firewood, coal, gas, pellets and etc.). Suitable for boilers with closed combustion chamber and condensing boilers.

    Corps: expanded clay block 1200 kg/m3 density and 3,0 MPa compressive strength. The block is light weight and has high compressive strength.

    Ceramic flue liners resistant to soot ignition and meets A1N1/B4N1 class requirements.

    Ceramic insert designed to work at high and at low temperatures (from 60 to 600 oC).

    Ceramic flue liner has a smooth surface. It is highly resistant to condensate effect.

    Ceramic flue liners are manufactured in various diameters (mm): ∅140; ∅160; ∅180; ∅200; ∅250; ∅300; ∅350; ∅400.

    The gap over the entire height of the stack between the ceramic liner and expanded clay block filled with specially shaped mineral wool. Wool has a ventilation system.

    Fire resistance - 90 min.

    The chimney is mounted either to the exterior wall, either inside the building, it takes up very little space.

    Fast and easy installation.

    Product is certified EN 13063-1, EN 13063-2, EN 13063-3.


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