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Concentric chimney system

Concentric air-gas flue system
Almeva LIK internal concentric air-gas flue systemAlmeva LIK internal concentric air-gas flue system

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Chimney system parts

Chimney system parts varies according to the situation. The main components of Almeva gas flue system LIK:
  1. Pipe;
  2. Tee with inspection door;
  3. Inspection tee with ;
  4. Condensation trap;
  5. Elbow.
Additional Documents given with chimneys system:
  • Declaration of performance;
  • Warranty Certificate.


Almeva - Serves to drain combustion gases from condensing and low-temperature boilers.

Chimney highest temperature of combustion gases on the socket of the flue of the appliance 120 oC.

It is designated primarily for pressure and high pressure combustion gas routes (Pressure inside the chimney liner is during operation much higher than outside). It can also be used for chimneys with natural draught.

It is not designated for combustion gas routes where the burning of ashes can occur.

It is suitable for chimneys that are according to plan operated in wet operating mode.

Usable only for combustion gas routes from appliances burning gas fuel, precisely ground gas (L, H) and liquid fuel (LTO with the contents of sulfur ≤0,2 %, kerosene).

Consists of concentric rigid pipes and blocks PPH/PPH DN 80/125 mm, designated for combustion gas routes in interior areas, connection with socket connectors with EPDM seal.


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