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All kinds of chimneys for Your Home

Chimney - structure which provides ventilation for hot flue gases or smoke from a boiler, stove, furnace or fireplace to the outside atmosphere and ensure traction (continuous air supply to the combustion chamber). The chimney can be a separate structure.

If the chimney is installed by unprofessional people, then home owners may lose a lot of wonderful moments of life, also may feel discomfort, it also may cause additional worries about combusion.

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We are offering You few product groups of chimneys:

  • MK KOLEKT (ceramic chimneys) - modern three-layers flue system for all fuel types. The chimney system can be built same as inside and outside. Ceramic elements of the system is made in Germany. This kind of chimneys have 30 years manufacturer's warranty;
  • MK KOLEKT Kondi (plastic chimneys) - condensing chimneys. Usable only for combustion gas routes from appliances burning gas fuel, precisely ground gas (L, H) and liquid fuel. Plastic elements is made by almeva in Switzerland. This product group has 10 years manufacturer's warranty;
  • MK KOLEKT Inox (stainless steel chimneys and chimney liners) - stainless steel chimneys for all fuel types, stainless steel chimney liners. Chimney system for all fuel types. Stainless steel elements are made in Lithuania. This product group has 10-year manufacturer's warranty.

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