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To meet the needs of the regions of chimney and ventilation systems, group of companies are located at:

  • Lithuania - UAB "Visi kaminai";
  • Estonia - OÜ "MK Konekt System".

We offer high-end products: MK KOLEKT products group - ceramic chimney systems, MK KOLEKT Inox products group - stainless steel chimney systems and chimney liners, MK KOLEKT Kondi products group - condensing gas boilers exhaust system, ventilation systems.

Our harmonious and reliable staff works many years together and are good partner for You. We meet our clients once again after months or years, when We are doing maintenance or when We are delivering new orders. We always try to make our work professionally, because good accomplished job - happy customer.

With our clients We communicate several years, and this is the finest proof that We are professionals, because clients communicate with same people only if they trust them.

We are offering:

  • Ceramic chimneys system
  • Stainless steel chimney system
  • Plastic chimney system for condensing gas boilers;
  • Chimney inserts;
  • Ventilation systems;
  • Air recovery units.

We are engaged in:

  • Production;
  • Wholesale and retail trades;
  • Chimney or chimney system installation;
  • Chimney or chimney system maintenance;
  • Consultation about chimneys and ventilation.

Our goal - create an exceptional comfort for You, provide heat to Your Home!


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